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Antivirus: Which is REALLY the best?

Posted by Robert Chapman on Wed, Feb 13, 2013 @ 11:42 AM

virus removalThe answer to this question has been propagandized by the best salesmen in the industry for years, and will undoubtedly change depending on who you ask. Many companies even  have pre-arranged compensation plans in place with antivirus developers, and provide you with an answer that coincides with it; without ever thinking of your best interest. Ever wonder why new computers come with antivirus trials already installed on them? It's not because they're trying to help you out; it's because antivirus developers hope you will associate their product with the computer you just spent so much time picking out, assume it's of equal quality, and purchase it without thinking. This is no doubt the work of the best public relations experts in the field, but is what the're selling REALLY the best for YOU? Truth will vary with opinion, but fact is always fact. What are the facts? Well, here we go:


Non-Profit Testing Agencies

The two leading antivirus testing agencies in the industry are AV Comparatives, and AV TEST. These two agencies do meticulous work when testing and comparing the pros and cons of each antivirus brand; arming you, the consumer with an arsenal of knowledge before you buy. If you understand what to look for anyway; more on that in a minute. By looking at the test results provided to the public by these facilitators of fact, we can see through the sly marketing ploys of the corporate antivirus developers, and get down to nitty gritty.

According to the latest test results, seen here, AV-Test puts both Kaspersky and BitDefender--chosen as an example due to the common praise by both agencies--at the top of several lists regarding detection and repair. AV-Comparatives' tests, seen here, rank them about the same. Please take note that there are many antivirus brands that also rank very well in comparison, but who's rank reflects areas that need some improvement. By these results it is safe to say that both BitDefender and Kaspersky are great options to consider when purchasing protection software. In the world of antivirus, it's not about name recognition, it's about results. Why risk the integrity of your computer system just because you have heard of one brand over another?


Personal Experience

At Computer Escape we have had experience with many different antivirus software, and have recommended different ones throughout the years based on their performance. Currently--becuase we follow the scientific data--we offer different solutions by both Kaspersky and BitDefender. We have found that the effectiveness of these two pieces of software is about the same, but we recommend them differently based on situation. For corporate environments maintained by IT professionals we recommend Kaspersy, due to the software's easy scalability and it's very reasonable corporate pricing structure. As for residential consumers, we recommend BitDefender for it's extremely easy user interface and rock-bottom price. That being said, both are great pieces of software for any situation and will work well regardless of situational specifics. 

Always remember to do your homework before you buy. If you don't, you may find yourself, unnecessarily paying for professional virus removal services that could have been avoided with just a few minutes of simple research.


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