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3 Reasons to buy a custom PC

Posted by Robert Chapman on Fri, Jul 05, 2013 @ 11:15 PM
custom pc In an age where consumers are constantly bombarded by so called "deals" on brand name computer systems by high pressure mega retailers, one has to wonder: What ever happened to the custom PC? While many custom PC makers still exist, their market tends to restricted to a niche group of enthusiasts and gamers. The basic home PC market has been flooded with low-cost computers by major manufacturers for over a decade in order to flush out the old fashioned, mom-and-pop builders that dominated the very same market in the early to late 90s. You may want to ask yourself a few simple questions: Why did manufacturers try so hard to push out the little guys? Did the mom-and-pop stores really offer a better overall solution to HP, Dell, Gateway, and IBM? Though these questions are still a matter of debate, the fact that custom PC dealers can still offer a valuable solution with benefits arguably better than mega corporations, still rings true today. Here are three reasons why you should consider custom next time you're in the market for a computer system:

1. Individualized Technology

True customization of needs is rare in the world of computers today. Every salesman in the industry is constantly trying to up-sell you into a computer that is vastly over-powered for the needs of most consumers. You are trained to listed for worlds like 'gigabyte', 'megahertz', and 'dual core', when considering a computer; falling right into the hands of the salesman as intended. Do you really know how all these bits and bytes mean do, and how they affect computer performance? Then how do you know if you need them?

Most custom PC dealers are trained technicians, and as long as they are honest ones they can design a computer to meet your specific needs. This can save you hundreds of dollars a sleazy salesman may try to talk you into spending at a big-box store. Remember, custom dealers typically rely on word-of-mouth, and want you to come back or refer a friend. They don't work on commission, and typically take pride in the design process.


2. Support & Warranty

Sick of having to send your computer to Texas or California via snail mail for two weeks, just to get in-warranty repair? Tired of tech support agents that you can't understand, and that can't understand you? This is a HUGE point of difference between custom dealers and brand name manufacturers. Most custom dealers are local, and actually answer their phones when you call. All support and warranty repairs are dealt with in house; decreasing your down time, and stress level. These guys want to help you, their reputation and business depend on it.

Warranties are quite controversial. Do you spend the extra few hundred bucks to guarantee your computer will be supported if it dies in three years, or do you risk not buying it, and hope that Mr. Brand Name built a quality product? With custom dealers you don't have to worry about this. There are hundreds of components available on the market that come with up to a three year warranty, right out of the box; no extra dough required. It's not hard to realize that when every component being used in your computer comes with a three year warranty, that your computer as a whole has a three year warranty. Then why are the big-box stores charging you for this? Good question; bring it up next time you're talking to one. The look on the salesman's face may say it all.


3. Value

As someone who has sold PCs on both sides for over 15 years, I can assure you that if you're looking for value, you can't go wrong with custom dealers. One reason is that most are trained technicians who take pride in their work. So they typically understand which components work well together, and which don't. They also have the ability to check prices through dozens of distributors; ensuring you the best possible value on your parts. Overall pricing tends to be a little bit higher than the average PC you find in the big retail stores, but since you're getting a better warranty, responsive support, higher quality components, and a trained technician that wants to provide you with the best product for your needs and budget, in the end you win. Value is probably the most important of all, and custom PC makers have been providing it all along.


So, next time you're in the market for a new PC, ask your local computer dealer if they provide custom builds. Compare advertised brand name "deals" with custom PC value, and see what side you end up on. The custom PC is still alive and well; just ask your average gamer. Though there aren't as many of us out there as there were in the 90s, well still pack a pretty big punch against profit driven mega stores.

Until next time, stay informed, stay geeky.


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