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7 Ways To Increase Productivity Using The Cloud

Posted by Robert Chapman on Fri, Aug 23, 2013 @ 02:15 PM





Increase Productivity

Business owners and executives are always looking for ways to increase productivity while keeping employees happy at the same time. With Cloud Nation, you can do just that by empowering your team with access to the information they need from any device anywhere in the world. World class security and “always on backups” will give you the comfort of knowing you are increasing access AND security to your valuable company information.


Here are 7 ways your business can increase productivity by using the Cloud:


1: BYOD – Employees are increasingly asking to use their own devices (tablets, smartphones laptops and home computers) for company related work.  The benefits of BYOD are compelling.  Companies that have embraced BYOD have reported improved productivity and employee retention, enhanced mobility, a more flexible work environment and improved IT value to the business.


2: Telecommuting – The Cloud enables your employees to work remotely, avoiding a daily commutes and the headaches that inevitably come with traffic. With reduced stress, employees are often happy to go the extra mile for the company and your customers.


3: Mobility – The Cloud redefines mobility. The ability to empower your team to work on any device wherever they may be provides a significant boost in productivity.


4: Business Continuity – When disaster strikes Cloud Nation gives you the peace of mind that you will continue operating “business as usual.” You will have comfort in knowing that your data is safely stored in a geo-redundant (multiple locations) data centers all backed by the highest level of security and control.


5: Recruiting and Retention – Just because a top employee wants to relocate, or you know the leading industry talent is not interested in living in your region, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for second best. With Cloud Nation you are never limited by geography. You have the resources to easily recruit, train and retain the best and brightest employees wherever they may be located.


6: Happy Employees Equals Greater Productivity – Happy employees spend far more time focusing on productive work. Cloud Nation empowered employees work more efficiently because they have fewer distractions, and most importantly, they have a healthier work/home life balance.


7: Less Technology, More Business – Cloud Nation’s complete and flexible solutions let you focus on your business and your customers.  Never again give a thought to security, backups and uptime solutions for you and your team.  Let your focus be on growing your company!


As an executive within your company, you know that the most important thing to your business is your customers. To deliver the best service to your customers, give your business the full benefit of Cloud Nation starting TODAY! 


It Just Works!


Running a business can be tough!  Your technology shouldn’t be. 


That is the foundation upon which we built Cloud Nation.  Our goal is to deliver one simple solution that can easily grow and change with your business.  If your business is growing, you can easily add on new team members.  If it’s time to “tighten your belt” you can do that too!  No long term commitments or contracts.   


If you are looking for the most sophisticated cloud solutions made to simply just work, you’ll want to have your company powered by Cloud Nation.  Cloud Nation was founded by award winning entrepreneurs that understand how robust technology working in your favor can catapult you ahead of your competition.


Our safe, secure and “always on” platform is designed to let your team work on their terms – any time, any place, and any device.  In today’s business environment the last thing you need is for technology to cost too much or slow you down.    


In addition to an industry leading platform, you’ll have access to a growing national network of Cloud Nation Certified Professionals available to help with any customization your team may need.

To get started today, simply sign up for a free trial or let us know a good time to give you a call. 


Any Device, Any Time


Today’s workers are increasingly tech-savvy and self-empowered.  In many cases your employee will own an assortment of laptops, smartphones, tablets and PCs.  Often their devices may be more advanced than what your company provides.


As a result, many employees prefer to access company resources using their own technology because it is familiar, powerful and already an integral part of their everyday lives.


cloud device


The consumerization of IT has created a groundswell in the way companies embrace technology. Also known as “bring your own device” or BYOD, this trend describes an environment in which employees use personal technology – laptops, smart phones, tablets, and even desktop PCs – to access company networks, applications and data. A recent survey found that 28 percent of the workforce is currently using personal devices for work-related tasks, and this percentage is expected to rise to 35 percent by mid-2013.


The benefits of BYOD are compelling.  Companies that have embraced BYOD have reported improved productivity and employee retention, enhanced mobility, a more flexible work environment and improved IT value to the business. BYOD can enable virtual work environments that provide individual workers the freedom to work when and where they choose. That, ultimately, can help trim operating costs.

Yet the technology to deliver BYOD can be fraught with risk. What about a proper security strategy?  What happens when an employee’s device is stolen with company information?  Who is going to ensure backups are properly done?


With Cloud Nation these concerns are a thing of the past.  The “brain-damage” that is associated with a typical BYOD program is gone.  Your team is immediately able to access company information, applications and services from any device, anywhere and anytime.  Your data is always secure and world class backups happen real-time.  What’s more, your data “lives” on a secure server and not the employee’s device.  No need to worry about your company information being leaked or a device being stolen – again, you control your data at all times. 


Cloud Nation Certified Professional


The Role of IT for small and medium sized businesses has changed dramatically in the last 18 months. We understood this early and took the initiative to put in place a rigorous training and certification program for Cloud Nation Certified Professionals.


certified professional


Cloud Nation Certified Professionals (CNCP’s) understand the way to provide indispensable value to you and your company is through education and top tier skills.  This is a process, not a destination.  At Cloud Nation we provide our network of certified professionals weekly ongoing training and education. 


The role of IT in the Cloud will be more like a supply chain.   Think of an automobile supply chain.  Much of what goes into building a car comes from external providers.  Everything from seats and dashboards to tires and radios come from outside vendors.  The auto manufacturer is responsible for assembling all these parts to create a car that you can simply turn the key and drive.


When it comes to cloud computing, businesses want the same thing.  To simply power up their devices and start doing business.  At Cloud Nation we understand this and have created our entire certification program to help businesses get the most out of their technology.


Cloud Nation Certified Professionals understand how all the pieces of the cloud eco-system fit together.  They know that over 80% of small businesses want a trusted advisor they can count on for personal assistance as they embrace this new era of computing.


Put the power of Cloud Nation’s National Network to work for your business – Today!


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