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5 Reason Why Integrated Services Can Help Your Small Business

Posted by Robert Chapman on Tue, May 13, 2014 @ 04:20 PM

It would seem that our local mailbox competitor is questioning our ability to handle our clients mail storage needs. I could give you 10 reasons, but I’ll only need 5, why you SHOULD consider having your mail delivered to that local COMPUTER STORE, instead of our clearly aggravated mailbox neighbor:


“Some folks in Randolph actually get their mail delivered to a local COMPUTER STORE. They're nice people there, but you wouldn't do your laundry at the gas station, would you? We have many years of training and experience to ensure your mail is handled properly." - Postal Center USA 


Mailboxes & More

1. Separate Company: Computer Escape runs a sister company called Mailboxes & More to handle all of our clients' mail and parcel needs. We have a highly attentive,well trained staff available to our mailbox clients every hour of the business day, to ensure the best possible experience we can provide.


2. Price: Since we don't rely on mailbox rental income to pay our bills, we can provide top notch mail storage services at a much more affordable price. The bottom line is: Why pay more for a mailbox, when you can get superior service at a fraction of the cost? We always strive to find affordable solutions for all of our clients. Our success at doing so has made us a favorite in the Randolph community for over 26 years.


3. Integrated Services: Yes, we are officially an information technology company, but our main goal is to ultimately make your life easier. Helping small businesses succeed in an ever changing economy is our expertise. We are constantly looking for unique ways to improve, efficiency and security; as well as saving our clients money to help the bottom line. By offering mailbox and parcel storage solutions along with our existing small business IT solutions, we can provide a highly effective, low cost, small business infrastructure that will allow you to work from anywhere, while always maintaining the professional appearance your customers are looking for.


4. Wide Range of Service: Small business IT, mail storage, faxing, copying, parcel pickup, cell phone service, bill pay, website design, search engine optimization, professional addresses, computer sales/repair, and business continuity solutions are only some of the things our clients enjoy on a daily basis. Our clients can feel confident that if they have a small business need, we have the solution.


5. Corporate partnerships: Being around for over 26 years has given us a lot of time to meet other people and businesses that help us to provide our customers with the best products and services on the market. Whether it’s for a new computer, backup solution, website service, mail security, or wireless provider, we have you covered.  Even though we may be classified as a “small business”, our reach is very long. With the support of our partners we have access to the latest and greatest in small business solutions; no matter how complicated. We pride ourselves in working closely with our partners to guarantee the very best in service and support.


So, the question remains: Who do you want helping you grow your small business?

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