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Firewalls: Hardware vs Software

Posted by Robert Chapman on Mon, Feb 20, 2017 @ 04:36 PM

firewall-670x335.jpgInternet connectivity today is as essential to daily life as ever. We use it at home, at work, and most places in between. Emails, photos, even full-length feature films are available at our fingertips. Amidst all this growth and fast-paced communication, one important piece of the puzzle is often overlooked.... Security. Having the right amount of security can often be the only thing standing between a user and weeks or even months of downtime and headaches.

Firewalls are an invaluable tool when it comes to network security. They can be configured to allow or block any kind of web traffic and some even sniff out threats flying under the radar. There are two types of firewalls. Software firewalls are digital and protect the computer they are installed on. Hardware firewalls are physical network devices that protect all the computers on the network. Knowing this difference is key when choosing a security solution for your network. 

Which one is right for you? If your network only serves a handful of computers, chances are that a firewall installed on each computer will protect against most threats that will come your way. However, if your network is home to many computers or involves transmitting sensitive data, a hardware firewall installed in front of your network is the best solution. 

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