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3 Reasons to buy a custom PC

Posted by Robert Chapman on Fri, Jul 05, 2013 @ 11:15 PM
In an age where consumers are constantly bombarded by so called "deals" on brand name computer systems by high pressure mega retailers, one has to wonder: What ever happened to the custom PC? While many custom PC makers still exist, their market tends to restricted to a niche group of enthusiasts and gamers. The basic home PC market has been flooded with low-cost computers by major manufacturers for over a decade in order to flush out the old fashioned, mom-and-pop builders that dominated the very same market in the early to late 90s. You may want to ask yourself a few simple questions: Why did manufacturers try so hard to push out the little guys? Did the mom-and-pop stores really offer a better overall solution to HP, Dell, Gateway, and IBM? Though these questions are still a matter of debate, the fact that custom PC dealers can still offer a valuable solution with benefits arguably better than mega corporations, still rings true today. Here are three reasons why you should consider custom next time you're in the market for a computer system:

1. Individualized Technology

True customization of needs is rare in the world of computers today. Every salesman in the industry is constantly trying to up-sell you into a computer that is vastly over-powered for the needs of most consumers. You are trained to listed for worlds like 'gigabyte', 'megahertz', and 'dual core', when considering a computer; falling right into the hands of the salesman as intended. Do you really know how all these bits and bytes mean do, and how they affect computer performance? Then how do you know if you need them?

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3 Questions To Ask A Computer Salesman

Posted by Robert Chapman on Tue, Oct 30, 2012 @ 05:08 PM

Lets face it, not everyone is a computer expert. Buying a new computer can be a very confusing, and sometimes stressful process. Much like buying a car, many average consumers are lost when it comes down to what questions should be asked to the salesman assisting them. After fifteen years of helping my customer's get the computer system that fits their specific needs, I have compiled a list of the three most important questions to ask your salesman; unless it's me of course.

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